Pyramids: Ramadan Sobhi suffers from a severe contusion to the eye


Mustafa Al-Muniri, head of the medical device of the Pyramids Club, revealed the details of the injury suffered by Ramadan Sobhi during the Zamalek match.

Pyramids tied with Zamalek, yesterday, Sunday, with a goal for each team at Cairo International Stadium in the week 19 of the Egyptian we League.

Al-Muniri explained that Ramadan Sobhi suffered a severe bruise during the meeting in the pupil of the eye, after colliding with Zamalek player Ashraf Bin Sharqi.

Ramadan Sobhi underwent an initial examination this morning with an ophthalmologist, to undergo a thorough examination this evening to show the severity of the bruise.

He added that the ophthalmologist placed some necessary medications for the player to treat the strong bruise that he suffers, provided that he will continue treatment during the coming hours, and get a 72-hour rest.


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