Pyramids reveals the details of Ramadan Sobhi’s injury


Dr. Mustafa Al-Muniri, head of the medical device of the Pyramids Club, revealed the details of the injury that Ramadan Sobhi suffered during the last Zamalek match in the Premier League, at Cairo International Stadium, which ended in a 1-goal draw for each team.

Al-Muniri explained that Ramadan Sobhi suffered a severe bruise during the meeting in the pupil of the eye, after colliding with Zamalek player Ashraf bin Sharqi, and underwent an initial examination this morning with an ophthalmologist, provided that he undergoes a thorough examination this evening to show the strength of the bruise.

He added that the ophthalmologist put some necessary medicines for the player to treat the strong bruise that he suffers, provided that he will continue treatment during the coming hours, and get a rest for 72 hours.

In another context, Argentine coach Rodolfo Aruabarina, coach of the Pyramids club, said that the result of the draw is largely fair, in light of the superiority of Pyramids in the first half and Zamalek somewhat in the second half, explaining that the two teams shared control over the course of affairs, and the team had many opportunities Of the chances and did not succeed in the registration.

Aruabarina refused to comment on refereeing and the penalty kick that was awarded against Pyramids, explaining that he thanked the players for the great performance they had performed under great pressure from matches locally and continually, stressing that the team was playing on victory and three points in order to advance a step in the ranking table, but it is currently Thinking about the next Wadi Degla match after the Zamalek match ended with a draw.

The coach stressed that Pyramids controlled the performance in the first half, and it was the best on the parties, and in the second half with the decline in physical performance and Zamalek’s attempt to return and compensation, and there were problems with returning to the defense in order to secure the goal of progress, and in the second half there were some opportunities from the counterattacks, but the players did not They succeed in scoring those easy opportunities, and performance greatly declined in the second half, and it is imperative to work and continue to pay attention to performance and focus in the next important meeting.

The coach explained that Ahmed Tawfik’s change in the second half; Because of stress, as he returned after an injury for more than a month and a half, and participated in the last meeting until he regained his physical fitness, and with the succession of matches he would be able to participate 90 minutes, for fear of risking him and involving him throughout the match.


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