Qafsha is selling chicks and the bulldozer is in pipes … football celebrities do not know “soft hands.”


“What do you dream on your leg, uncle”. How many times have you said this sentence? There is no doubt that you heard it a lot and a lot whenever you tell your friend or someone close to you about your dream, which may have some kind of extreme ambition and you wish to achieve it, and he sees it as something far fetched, but starts to convince you that what you are saying is a path of madness and certainly the conversation does not end without repeating This sentence, forgetting that as long as a person is convinced of his abilities and has sufficient persistence, he can reach everything he wants, and why not and most of the experiences of the great who have achieved things that may seem very difficult in all areas, especially football proved that there is no impossible, but rather that the real hero is Who comes out of the womb of suffering.

But we always used to have all our attention and focus on the last shot only, which is the shot of success and fame, as if this person was born and found things paved to reach this dream, and none of us seriously thinks about the amount of suffering and difficulties he faced and overcame in order to reach this position, especially since success It can only be achieved by the mujtahid who sacrificed a lot in order to achieve his goal.

Life isn’t always rosy and even stars The Round Witch Those we see in luxury cars and hear about their material value in the insane deal struggle, and we believe that they were born with a gold spoon in their mouth; This belief is completely far from reality, for every star has a big story and a story of struggle and fatigue until he has reached these ranks of fame and wealth.

On Labor Day, we shed light on the arduous professions in which he worked Celebrities ball Before storming the world of stardom ..

Hussein Al-Shahat .. a gas station worker

Hussein Al-Shahat, the Al-Ahly player, previously disclosed a number of free professions that he worked in before reaching fame and stardom, and the Al-Ahly player said, “I was studying and worked with my friends in the Olympic, and I had exercises and study, and I would ask permission and go to train and study, and I worked in the Koura Kent Blum Al-Kour school. Cones and I proudly and cheerfully I did something like this“.

Al-Shahat added that he used to work in Benzema and get his salary according to “tips”, and he slept on the floor in the gasoline for 4 hours a day while he was working.

Ahmed Dowidar “sold as a microbus”

Ahmed Dewidar, a former Zamalek defender, revealed that he worked for a while “selling microbuses” to help his mother with his personal expenses.

Dewidar said that after the death of his father, he left football, because he preferred to help his mother raise his daughters, so he worked successively in one of the minibuses of Imbaba.

Amr Zaki .. “Bayaa”

Many will not imagine that Amr Zaki, the former Zamalek striker and the Egyptian national team, who played for many European clubs, headed by Wigan, England, who scored ten goals in the English Premier League, and has a bright history with the Pharaohs was one day a “pipe sale.”

Before the “bulldozer” moved to the ranks of Mansoura, who witnessed the emergence of his star, he was an agricultural worker, in addition to carrying pipes until he paved the way to stardom and became one of the most important goalscorers in the memory of Egyptian football.

Qafsha .. selling chicks

Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, the star of Al-Ahly, said, “My mother used to sell chicks in the country and I used to work with her, and I also worked in the vegetable market as a chef. My uncle Ahmed Jamal called me “Qafsha”, unlike my work with my mother in the chicken shop, I used to keep the chicks to be slaughtered“.

The Al-Ahly player added, “My first goal was to let my mother sit down from work, but I am honored that I work with my mother in the chickens shop, and I achieved the required goal of honoring my mother after she decided to build a large house for her and prevent her from working.”“.

Abd al-Zahir al-Sakka .. “Niqash”

Before he became captain of the Egyptian national team and one of the most successful professional experiences in the Turkish league, Abdel-Zahir Al-Sakka, the sporting director of the Egyptian Club of Port Said, had an experience that bore a great kind of struggle in order to reach his goal and ambitions with the round witch, so he used to work “Talk”.

* Dunga – “Chef”

Mahmoud Abdel-Ati “Dunga”, the Ismaili star, was not one of the children who played football in the street. Physically, he never thought of this age to be a professional footballer.

Dunga says, “I am from a middle-class family. We used to live in the Husseinieh center in Sharkia, and at some point I had to work as a chef in order to help my family financially“.

Shawky Al-Saeed … “Butcher”

For those who do not know the story of the struggle of Shawky Al-Saeed, the former Zamalek defender, the player used to work in a butcher shop before professional football, to get his day’s sustenance and help his family financially.

Ahmed Sherweda .. “Kahwagi”

Ahmed Sharweda, the former star of the Egyptian Port Said club, used to work as “Kahwagi” before professional football, until he was able to reach the ladder of fame and stardom..

Hossam Paulo .. “brickworker”

Former Zamalek scorer and current Arsenal striker, who succeeded two seasons in winning the title of top scorer in the general league from Al-Ahly and Zamalek strikers, he began his life as a worker in a brick factory .. It is Hossam Paulo who was not shy about announcing his bitter journey before stardom.


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