Rafale jets: Egypt signs a contract with France to buy 30 warplanes


Rafale aircraft

Photo released, Egyptian Armed Forces Spokesman/Facebook

The Egyptian Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Tuesday that Egypt had signed a contract with France to buy 30 “Rafale” fighter jets.

She added that the deal will be funded through a “financing loan with a minimum duration of 10 years,” but she did not disclose the value of the deal or further details.

Investigative website Disclose said on Monday that the deal was worth 3.75 billion euros (4.5 billion dollars).

And the French President, Emmanuel Macron, said last December that he would not make the sale of weapons to Egypt conditional on the human rights file because he did not want to weaken Cairos ability to combat terrorism in the region, a comment that angered Macron’s critics.

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