Rain in some areas … Meteorology reveals Thursday’s weather forecast (Bayan Ba


9:54 PM

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Experts of the General Meteorological Authority expected that moderate weather will prevail tomorrow, Thursday, on the northern coasts, with a pleasant day at night, and hot over Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt during a pleasant day at night, and very hot in the south of the country and South Sinai.

The experts added in a statement, on Wednesday, that the weather will be pleasant during the night hours in northern Upper Egypt and moderate in South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt.

The experts pointed out that the maximum temperatures among Egyptian cities in the report on the weather in Egypt range between 27 degrees and 42 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists expected that the state of the Mediterranean will be between light to moderate and the wave height ranges between one and one and a half meters, and the direction of the winds is northwest, while the state of the Red Sea becomes from moderate to turbulent, and the direction of the winds is northwest, and the waves range in height between two and a half and 3 meters.

Meteorologists expected opportunities for light rain to fall within the expected weather phenomena in areas of South Sinai at intermittent intervals, and the winds will activate during tomorrow’s weather on Greater Cairo, the northern coasts, South Sinai and Lower Sinai intermittently.

Experts predicted the presence of north-eastern winds activity on Greater Cairo, with a speed of 16 knots, while the northeast winds are active on the south and north of Upper Egypt and the northern coasts, with a speed of 16 knots on the northern coasts, 18 knots on the north of Upper Egypt, and up to 18 knots on its south.

It is expected that the temperature in southern Upper Egypt will reach 42 degrees over Aswan and Edfu, and the maximum temperature in Cairo will be stable at 35 degrees and the upper limit will decrease in Alexandria to 28 degrees.

The temperatures are as follows:

Cairo 35-19

Alexandria 28-19

Damanhour 34-18

Baltim 27-19

Shebin Al-Kom 35-19

Tanta 34-19

Matrouh 27-17

Ismailia 34-18

Suez 34-19

Arish 27-19

Port Said 27-20

Damietta 27-20

Nuweiba 36-25

Catherine 1734

Zagazig 35-19

Mansoura 34-19

Hurghada 37-25

Sharm el-Sheikh 36-26

Assiut 23-37

Minya 22-37

Edfu 42-26

Aswan 42-26

Abu Simbel 41-25

Luxor 41-25

Qena 40-24

Faiyum 20-36

Sohag 39-24

Beni Suef 21-37

The New Valley 41-23

Halayeb 32-27

Shalateen 36-26

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