Ramadan Sobhi injured in his right eye


Ramadan Sobhy, the star of the first football team at the Pyramids Club, posted a picture on his account on the social networking site “Instagram” revealing his injury in his right eye after his participation in the Zamalek match, which ended in a positive 1-1 draw in the 19th round of the Egyptian League competition.

And it appeared Ramadan Sobhi Throughout the picture, he puts the white gauze on his left eye and hangs on it: “Praise be to God,” so that his followers and friends reassured him.


In a related context, Saqr, Ramadan Sobhi’s business agent, confirmed that the player did not ask to return to Al-Ahly, and said Ali Saqr in a phone call to the Ramadan star program with the radio station Naglaa Helmy and sports critic Muhammad Iraqi via the Atheer Youth and Sports Radio: “Ramadan Sobhi is convinced of the Pyramids experience, and Saeed There is a big “.

Ali Saqr said, “When Ramadan asked Sobhi about returning to my family, his words were misinterpreted. Ramadan Sobhi did not ask to leave Pyramids, He did not ask to return to Al-Ahly, and he is happy to be in the Heavenly Club“.

Saqr added, “Ramadan Sobhi knows the news from me and does not follow the media completely, so that the pressure of the Al-Ahly fans does not affect him on the stadium. Ramadan is a great player and he has great experience to deal with any pressures he is exposed to in his football career and any next step will be through Pyramids because he is happy To deal with the club and management there“.


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