Ramadan Sobhi’s financial requests impede his move to Zamalek


Although Zamalek entered into oral negotiations with Ramadan Sobhi , Pyramids club player, but all the data indicate the inability of the white club to complete the deal, due to the financial demands of Al-Afeji, which outweigh the requests of Al-Tunisi. Ferjani Sassi.

Zamalek has been suffering from a financial crisis in the recent period, which has hindered the renewal of Lassa, which makes the idea of ​​contracting with Ramadan Sobhi in the upcoming summer transfers almost impossible for the management of the White Castle.

And recent press reports indicate that there is a move by Medhat Al-Adl, the expected candidate to head the Zamalek club, according to what he announced.

Ramadan Sobhi joined the Pyramids team at the beginning of the current season, in a record deal, after he refused to continue with the Al-Ahly team, after he was on loan from Huddersfield, who in turn sold him to Pyramids.

Sobhi’s transfer to Zamalek is a first-class public deal for Zamalek, which hopes to win the former Al-Ahly player, and at the same time the point of public support is one of the most important things for Ramadan during the recent period, in light of the continuous attack of Al-Ahly fans on Ramadan after his departure in a way that did not Be acceptable to lovers of the red genie.

The material demands that complicate Ramadan Sobhi’s deal for Zamalek are the same reason for the Tunisian Ferjani Sassi crisis to renew his contract in the coming period, despite the number 13’s desire to stay in the team.

Ferjani Sassi wants to obtain 600 thousand dollars, the value of the financial dues in arrears before negotiating his new contract with Zamalek club, in addition to his request to obtain the presenter of the new season contract in cash before signing the contracts. The renewal of his contract with Zamalek club, reflected the offer of the White Administration with an annual salary of one million and 600 thousand euros, an increase of 200 thousand euros over his current salary.


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