Ramez Jalal, on the authority of the king of Koura: The little girl who had grown up unaware … the cute cat who remained hot and hot | news


Today, the artist, Malik Koura, fell into the trap of the artist, Ramez Jalal, in his landfill program “Ramiz Aqlah Flew” on MBC Egypt, in cooperation with the General Authority for Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Ramez Jalal said about the victim of the day: “Today’s episode, we are on God, and as you don’t come, the guest who with us lives with two characters, the first is the innocent girl, the innocent girl, and the second, the bold, capable banana. With us and you are the little girl who grew up inattentive to the kitten, the cat who remained on fire and the spilled baby face, with us is the king of Qura. ”

The king of Kora is the nineteenth victim of Ramiz Jalal in the program, as his first victim was the singer Ahmed Saad, the second was the player of the Pyramids club and the Egyptian national team Ramadan Sobhi, and the third was both the festivals singer Hamo Beka and the dancer Lordina, and the fourth was the artist Wizzo, and the fifth was the star of the Al-Ahly club and the national team. Egypt Muhammad Magdy Afsha, and Dina El-Sherbiny was the sixth victim, and the striker of the Jeddah Federation and the star of the Saudi national team Fahd, the seventh, while the star of the Egyptian theater, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, known as “Tota”, was the eighth victim, while the ninth was the star of comedy Mohamed Henedy, and the young artist Ahmed Malik was the tenth The victims, Islam Ibrahim was the eleventh victim, Mutasim al-Nahar was the twelfth victim, Reem Mustafa was the thirteenth victim, Muhammad Hani was the fourteenth victim, Saudi artist Reem Abdullah was the fifteenth victim, artist Karim Afifi was the sixteenth victim, Sumaya al-Hashab was the seventeenth and Tariq Yahya eighteen.

The plot begins with the program team hosting one of the stars of art, sports or media, where it is delivered to a place in the city of Riyadh, where it is exposed to an unexpected adventure, and from here begins the excitement and terror of the guest, which increases his fear and fear.

Ramez Jalal’s program “Ramez Akle Flar” is shown daily after the Iftar Cannon directly on “MBC Egypt” at 6:30 pm, and it is repeated on “MBC Egypt” at 12:00 midnight.

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