Randa Kaadi: May God honor me in Ramadan and dedicate my success to Lebanon


In 2017, Kaadi participated in two Lebanese series, the first entitled “Last Nafs”, directed by Asad Fouladkar, and “Adham Bey”, directed by Zuhair Kanou`.

One shot from Adham Bek’s series, in which she discovers that her daughter is pregnant without marriage, was enough to reverse the concepts of interaction in the performance of roles. That day, the spark of success and double fame began to approach me, and she actually reserved for herself an advanced position in the role of mother, as an addition to any work she participates in.

This year, Kaadi played the role of the mother in the series “Twenty Twenty”, and from the first scene was able to mobilize an Arab audience, following this type of drama, which of course exceeds the total number of followers of the local Lebanese drama, and confirms without any doubt the right of this actress to chart a future path. Promising her in the world of drama.

“Umm Al Deeb” in the series 2020, relied on the role of the defeated mother, in a society full of lies and poverty, and she tries to reconcile between her three children, to no avail.

Koudi dressed in the role of Simple Mommy with no flaws, and maintains a loud darmy rhythm. Chime with Qusai Kholi And her surroundings in the house, and the slum in which she lives.

In the series “Rahwa” (written by Claudia Marshalian and directed by Nadim Muhanna), Kaadi holds the reins, the aristocratic woman involved in terrorist incidents.

Kaadi also did not back down in the series “To Die” (Nadine Jaber and Philip Asmar), so she changed the look and the content, and presented a good painting about a woman who lives alone and tries to help those around her.

Kaadi opened her heart to “Sky News Arabia” on the eve of Easter, which she wished to be associated with peace in Lebanon and the world.

She added, “I dedicate this success to Lebanon, global peace and the Lebanese and Arab people.”

In response to a question about the secret of her success in performing the role of a mother, the Lebanese actress said: “Thanks to my daughter Tamara Christina Hawi, who graduated like me from the Institute of Arts in Lebanese University“.

And she continued: She did postgraduate studies in the preparation of actor also at the Lebanese University and participated in specialized courses in European countries, adding her touches to representation in the body, so that representation became in the body, soul and accurate expressions. I think it succeeded in my training and added more sensations to the current and previous roles as the mother of the martyr and for the last breath and the Ramadan 2021 season. “

Which mother in the three series is similar to Randa Kaadi?

She replied, “They all look like me, and every mother in these series is distinguished by her pulse, how she is happy and how she is sad, because the mother is a frame and the image inside her is different, and each mother has her own peculiarities.”

She added, “We tried on Series 2020 To present the image of a mother who is committed to principles and values, and we put her on the bracket of committed need. “

And she continued: “God honored me in this blessed month with the reactions to success in three works that I did for the first time with the three production companies … Al-Sabah.

In 2020, the Eagle in A serial to die for And Nadim Muhanna in The series Rahwa… and thank God we received the approval of the Arab and Lebanese viewers, for whom we have respect and affection. “

Kaidi indicated that the Corona epidemic was an obstacle that contributed to delaying business, hoping that it would go away without returning. She said: “We filmed the 2020 series in the year 2020, and they went in 2019, while the series for death is one of the works of this year, 2021.”

Regarding the plastic surgery that many artists resort to, Kaadi said that it is important and necessary and gives freshness to women, but she did not resort to it, especially since it always plays the role of mother and grandmother and needs divine wrinkles on the face.

And about her work alongside the Lebanese star Nadine Nassib Njeim Kaadi said: “The star of Malaka with her morals, performance, and humility is concerned with the success of the work, so our scenes with (Hayat) and I were sweet moments in front of the camera and behind the scenes with (Hayat) and (Safi) and the team in general.”

And she continued, “As for the talented star Qusai Khouli, he added to my career as a professional, so that some likened the epics to the intensity of cohesion with the performance … the acting experience with Qusay, I hope to repeat it.”

The Lebanese actress concluded the meeting with the phrase, “Brother of Lebanon, oh our pain,” and said: “As a result of our disappointment as a Lebanese society, especially after the explosion of the port in August 2020, we feel frustrated, because disappointment is from the people of the household, so how can a mother betray her children? Lebanon, its people, enjoys dignity and is not worthy of this time. “


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