Ranking of the English Premier League after the end of the 34th round … City is a step away from the title


On Monday evening, the 34th round of Omar matches was concluded English Premier League The excellent season for the current season 2020/2021 with the West Ham match against Burnley, which ended with a two-goal victory in the match that brought them together at Turf Moore, while Manchester City continues to top the Premier League standings and remains for the next round to officially crown the title if Man United faltered in the next match.

Premier League standings

A team has arrived Manchester City To the 80th point at the top of the English Premier League, he collected it from winning 25 games, drawing in 5 and losing 4 matches only, and he was able to score 71 goals and receive 24.

A team comes Manchester United In second place in the English league table, with 67 points, collected from winning 19 games, drawing in 10 and losing 4 matches, scoring 64 goals and receiving 35 before the signing of Liverpool.

In third place, the Leicester City team is ranked with 63 points, collected from winning 19 games, drawing in 6 meetings, losing 9, scoring 61 and receiving 39, after a draw with Southampton on Friday evening.

And the Chelsea team strengthened its fourth place in the table with 61 points after beating Fulham with a score of 2-0, in the match that was held between them on Saturday night at the “Stamford Bridge”, where he was able to collect his points from a victory in 17 games and a draw in 10 meetings. , Losing 7 encounters, scoring 55 goals and conceding 31.

While the Tottenham team comes in fifth place with 56 points, collected from winning 16 games, drawing in 8 matches and losing 10 games, while scoring 58 goals and conceding 36.

And in fifth place is West Ham team with 58 points, collected from winning 17 games, drawing in 7, losing 10 matches, scoring 53 goals and conceding 43.

Tottenham succeeded in sweeping Sheffield United by 4-0 in the match that was held at Al-Awal Stadium in the 34th round of matches.

Premier League standings

Liverpool is in seventh place with 54 points, collected from winning 15 games, drawing in 9 matches and losing the same, scoring 55 goals and receiving 39.

Everton’s score stopped at the 52nd point after losing to Aston Villa in eighth place in the Premier League table, which included winning 15 games, drawing 7, losing 11 matches, scoring 45 goals and conceding 42.

Arsenal came in ninth place after its victory today, Sunday, at the expense of Newcastle United in the match that ended with a score of 0/2 at St. James Park, within the framework of the 34th stage of the English Premier League competition for the current season 2020/2021.

Arsenal collected his points by winning 14 games, drawing in 7 matches, losing 13, and scoring 46 goals and receiving only 37.

Aston Villa was ranked tenth in the Premier League table, after its victory over Everton 2-1 to reach the point 48, which gathered it from winning 14 games, drawing 6 and losing 13 matches, scoring 48 goals and receiving only 38.

English Premier League Ranking Table

English Premier League Ranking Table


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