Referee expert: Al-Ahly deserves two penalty kicks in front of Ghazl El Mahalla


Former international referee Nasser Abbas confirmed that Al-Ahly club deserved two penalties during his confrontation with Ghazl Al-Mahalla, which was held on Monday evening, in the Egyptian We League.

Abbas indicated in statements on the Al-Ahly club channel, that Muhammad Fathallah, the defender of Ghazl Al-Mahalla, was entitled to obtain a red card in his intervention against Mohamed Sharif, the Al-Ahmar striker.

Abbas said: “There is no mistake on Rami Rabia in the ball that caused the goal of spinning Al-Mahalla. The referee should not count the error and I see him as effective because he caused the goal.”

He continued: “Muhammad Hani was handicapped by a defender of Ghazl El Mahalla and was entitled to a penalty kick in the first half. The game is clear and the video referee had to talk to the arena referee about it, I do not know what the two referees were doing outside the stadium.”

He added, “There are 3 reckless violations by the Ghazl El Mahalla players, and the referee did not announce any yellow card, unlike the card obtained by Walter Bwalya, the referees must have the same penalty criteria on the field.”

And he added: “The defender of Ghazl El Mahalla who handicapped Mohamed Sharif deserved to be sent off directly, the ball was directly in front of the goal and there is no other defender who could cover in front of the Al-Ahly striker, who was in full control of the ball.”

He explained: “Hussein Al-Shahat deserves a penalty kick at the end of the match. Al-Mahalla defender did not go towards the ball, but went to the body of the Al-Ahly player.”

He concluded: “If Al-Ahly deserved two penalty kicks in the face of Al-Mahalla for Muhammad Hani and Hussein Al-Shahat, and there is an expulsion of the Mahalla spinners, which were not counted as well.”


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