Referee expert: The penalty kick is invalid … Hamed deserves an expulsion


Samir Mahmoud Othman, an arbitration analyst for On Time Sports satellite channel, stated that the penalty kick obtained by Zamalek was not correct, and he also made it clear that Tariq Hamed deserves an expulsion.

Osman said in his analysis of the arbitration performance in the Zamalek and Pyramids match: “There is no friction between Sherif Ikrami and Ashraf Bencharki in the first half ball, and Jihad Greisha, the Zamalek player, could have been punished with a warning.”

And he continued: “Tariq Hamid’s elbow ball with Abdullah Al-Saeed should not be a mistake only because it must be at least a warning, and there should not be a great referee and commits such a mistake. Love yourself, O jihad, more than any club.”

He concluded by explaining that the penalty kick obtained by Zamalek was not correct: “If Ahmed Sami’s ball did not hit his hand, it would hit his chest and I do not see a penalty kick.”

The Zamalek match against Pyramids ended with the two teams tied with one goal each.


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