Registration for a Corona vaccine tops the search concerns of Egyptians (method and link)


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Many Egyptians continue to register via the Ministry of Health website to obtain the Corona vaccine, and this morning, many searches for ways to register in order to obtain the Corona vaccine.

Steps to register for the Corona vaccine:

– Enter the following link Here

Choose to register to request a Corona vaccine

– Three options will be presented, either the medical sector workers or those with chronic diseases of all age groups, and other groups.

Basic information that you must enter when registering:

Arabic language of communication

Name (as stated on the card or travel document)

– Country of Nationality

– National ID

– Date of Birth

– Type

– Choose the province in which you want to get the vaccine

– Choose the department / center where you want to get the vaccine

Choose Do you suffer from chronic diseases?

– Function

Email (optional)

Verify your mobile phone number

– Enter your mobile phone number, then use the “Submit” button to receive the verification code.

– Mobile number

– Verification code

– Landline phone The governorate code must be entered before the number

– another mobile phone number (optional)

The Ministry of Health indicated the groups most affected by the infection if it occurs, and they are:

1- People with chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic chest diseases, patients with kidney failure. ”

2- Patients with immunodeficiency, whether due to diseases or drugs

3- Oncology patients

4- The elderly and people with chronic diseases

The Ministry of Health explained how the Corona vaccine works, and it came as follows:

When our body penetrates a new pathogen (virus or bacteria), the body directly creates antibodies specific to this pathogen, eliminating it, and there are many technologies that are used to produce vaccines in the world, some of which are traditional and some of them are modern, but most techniques revolve Manufacturing is about two basic types:

Inactivated vaccines contain the virus produced in a laboratory after its DNA has been destroyed, and the most famous examples of this vaccine are (polio polio vaccine, rabies vaccine and seasonal influenza vaccine).

The live attenuated vaccines contain live virus, but the DNA has been weakened so that it is able to produce immunity and cannot cause disease, and the most famous examples are (oral polio vaccine, sapin, yellow fever vaccine and measles vaccines).

New technologies With scientific development, especially in the field of molecular biology and genetic engineering, other groups of vaccines have been added in recent years, based on different technologies such as recombinant nucleic acids or the technology of the messenger DNA.

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