Reham Saeed comments on the Iraqi broadcaster’s daring question to Rania Youssef .. Watch


The media, Reham Saeed, revealed through her dialogue in the Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Darara program, with director Inas Al-Deghidi, which is broadcast on the Cairo and Al-Nas channel, and confirmed that she blamed the Iraqi broadcaster, Nizar Al-Faris, the owner of the bold question of the artist, Rania Youssef.

Where she explained that this meeting came in one of the channels, because of the question that caused a state of controversy on the media, and indicated that the artist Rania Youssef asked him to remove her answer, but she offered and did not comply with her speech.

و .ضافت Riham SaidThat the Iraqi broadcaster uttered this external expression with great audacity, and she indicated that if he had spoken to her about this question, she would have responded by beating, and she commented on the matter and said that I had hit him with a pen on his face, this is not that my colleague said 3 days

And she confirmed through her meeting, and said that she is honest with all her guests, and that if a guest refuses to broadcast a clip, she will comply with his speech and will not display it, and she said that there were guests who asked to delete a clip from their episodes and the clip was deleted.


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