Reinforcements in the vicinity of Ghazl El Mahalla stadium to secure the Al-Ahly match


Security men reinforce their presence in the vicinity of Ghazel El Mahalla stadium, today, Monday, to secure the Al-Ahly match and Ghazl El Mahalla at 9:30 pm at Ghazel El Mahalla stadium in the nineteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League football tournament for the current season 2020-2021.

The police insure the match from beginning to end, while securing the players of the two teams and the refereeing team.

Al-Ahly’s technical staff is trying to correct the mistakes in the El Gouna match in order to correct the course and return to the path of victories, hoping to restore the top of the league, taking advantage of playing all its postponed matches, and hoping that more than one player will be ready for tomorrow’s battle, such as Mahmoud Waheed and Badr Banoun, other than the group Current players.

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani explained that his team drew in its match against El Gouna, which ended with a goal for each team, in the absence of a diet in performance, although the team did not give El Gouna a chance to enter the match during the first 45 minutes, and said: “In the second half we tried to score the goal. And we succeeded, but the team conceded a goal in a strange way“.

He added: “We are suffering from exhaustion and we changed a whole team and pushed us with four new players who were not participating in the matches continuously.“.

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