Reports reveal an English offer to Ramos


Reports reveal an English offer for Ramos

AFP Juan Medina

ESPN revealed a European offer for Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos to join him during the upcoming summer transfer window.

And the American network ESPN reported, today, Monday, according to its sources, that Manchester City offered Ramos to join the team on a two-year contract, with the option of extending for a third season, depending on his level, or playing for New York City, one of the teams of the City group, while the network did not reveal the details Financial details of the offer.

Ramos’ contract with Real Madrid expires on June 30, and there are Spanish reports that confirmed that the relationship between the two parties has reached a dead end, and the closest is the separation between the two parties.

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ESPN indicated that Ramos will hold a meeting with Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, over the next few days, to finally settle his future.

According to the network, the analysis and data team in Manchester City told coach Guardiola that Ramos’ numbers mean his ability to perform similar performances to players younger than him, so the club submitted an offer for two seasons.

Ramos played only 15 games with the royal jersey in the last season of the Spanish League, due to successive injuries, and he has been away from playing regularly since last January.

Ramos was also excluded from the list of Spain’s national team that will compete in the European Nations Cup next June, due to his suffering with injuries.

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