“Right, your daughter bleeds” .. Details of the rape of a disabled child of his cousin Al-Marri


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Sunday 02 May 2021

Books – Mahmoud Saeed:

Investigations by the Child Prosecution Office in Cairo revealed the details of a mentally handicapped child raping his cousin, “mentally handicapped,” in Marj.

The details of the incident began with a signal from the Al-Marj Police Department from Al-Demerdash Hospital on April 13 stating the arrival of the 5-year-old girl, who was afflicted with a laceration of the anus and genital opening, and her father accused the son of his sister, “S.A.”, 13 years, of sexually assaulting his daughter while she was I have a sister.

The father of the victim, in the investigations of Case No. 793 of 2021, said that his sister takes care of his daughter (mentally disabled) because she needs special care, especially since his wife is in poor health.

The accused says that he was at work on the day of the incident. When he received a call from his sister, he went to her house to find his daughter bleeding from the anus and genital opening, so he carried her to the hospital, and she underwent an operation to stop the bleeding.

As for the incident, SM said that she is divorced and lives with her elderly mother alone, and that her brother asked her to take care of his daughter, and her sister also asked her to take care of her son, and at the time of the accident the two children slept with her in the bed “while they slept with me because they were mentally late and could not sit alone.” .

She added that she left them to check on her mother, “diabetic,” and found her unconscious, so she had an hour until she woke up, and at that time she heard a cry from the child, so she ran to her to find that she was bleeding, “My son, my sister, said I did that .. and when she came on her sabbath,” she told her father.

The psychiatry clinic at Al Zahraa Hospital found that the child is a reluctant one, and that she suffers from moderate mental retardation with hyperactivity disorder, which leads him to a behavioral disorder.

The prosecution accused the accused of raping the victim and violating her honor by force.

The Child Court ordered that the accused child be placed under probation in a mental and mental health facility for 15 days to indicate his mental state and the extent of his awareness and responsibility for the crime.

From a legal point of view, lawyer Abdel-Razek Mustafa, a legal researcher and member of the Egyptian Coalition for the Rights of the Child, said that the mentally disabled person according to Article 62 of the Penal Code promulgated by Law No. 58 of 1937 states that “A person who suffers at the time of the crime of committing a psychological disorder or My mind is losing consciousness or choice. “

Abdel-Razek appealed to the authorities concerned with issuing health certificates for marriage “that they must be correct and not fake,” because the beginning of the incident dates back to the beginning of the validity of the marriage of the two parties in terms of health and legal, and it is considered a violation “because one of the spouses may not be mentally disabled” because the incidence of disability is for children It rises, indicating the importance of community awareness of handicapped children and for them to be the doctors’ reference and to provide them with the necessary protection.

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