Roku removes the youtube TV option from its app after failing to reach an agreement with Google


The Roku service removed the YouTube TV option from its application following the expiration of the app’s Roku distribution agreement and halted negotiations with Google without concluding any new deal.

While the famous broadcasting device maker warned customers of this result earlier, claiming that Google was demanding unrealistic conditions to renew YouTube TV on the platform, according to what was reported by the verege.

Those requests included, according to Roku, access to sensitive customer data and a clear commitment from Roku to support AV1 decoding in future products.

This requires additional hardware which Roku maintains can increase the cost of its hardware. Roku also says Google is trying to make changes to the Roku search feature, something Google has vehemently denied.

The war of rhetoric quickly intensified, with Roku referring to the antitrust investigation Google currently faces, citing the confrontation as yet another example of the company’s monopoly on its site.

On the other hand, Google pointed to the recent disputes between Roku with HBO Max, Peacock, and others as a clear and growing trend of Roku abuse of its huge market share and influential presence in the living room.

“Roku ended our deal in bad faith amid our negotiations,” the company said on its YouTube TV blog. Unfortunately, Roku has often engaged in this tactic with other streaming providers.

The back and forth transfers are reminiscent of the regular transport disputes between cable companies and owners of television networks. But that’s a much more 2021 release, and Roku is competing with a tech giant who doesn’t seem in a hurry to back down.


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