Ronaldo saves Juventus with a double against Udinese


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Team managed Juventus From the defeat of Udinese, with two goals to one, in the 34th round of the Italian League matches.

The match witnessed severe difficulties for the companions of the Italian coach Pirlo, as the owners of the land advanced through the player Nahil Molina in the tenth minute of the events of the first half.

Players try Juventus Return in the second half by pressing offensively but to no avail due to the good organization of Udinese defense until Cristiano Ronaldo scored the equalizing goal from the penalty spot in the 83rd minute, then the Portuguese came back and scored the winning goal from a wonderful header in the 88th minute.

And with this victory he saves Juventus His chances of participating in the UEFA Champions League after he reached point 69 in third place in the Italian league table, while Udinese’s balance stopped at 39 points in the eleventh place.

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