Sabri Fawaz dances in front of his mother’s corpse in Musa .. He exposes him to the legal issue


One of the scenes in the 21st episode of the series “Musa” caused a state of great controversy, after Sabri Fawaz, who embodies the role of “Shehab Pasha” in a scene, danced around his mother’s body, which he keeps in a glass box in the palace.

The scene of Sabri Fawaz dancing around his mother’s corpse raises great controversy and exposes him to legal accountability

After “Shafiqa” discovered the reason behind preventing her husband “Shihab” from entering this room of the palace and watching him dance in front of his mother’s body, she turns to his sister, who takes a police force with her to bury their mother, and this is despite the fact that her brother is exposed to the matter. Legal due to the confinement of his mother in the palace after her death in a glass box.

Shehab’s sister quarreled with him and told him that he was insane and must undergo psychological treatment, and also the police are trying to arrest him, as he put himself in this incident in front of legal accountability, but his wife, Shafiq, stands next to him and supports him, and it is considered one of the episodes that received high viewing rates .

And viewing the twentieth episode of Moses series He witnessed many surprises, as Shafiqa insisted that she know the secret behind the closing of this room, and when it was entered, her husband kept his mother’s body in a glass box, and he treated her as alive, and appeared dancing next to the box and talking to her always.


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