Salah: My record makes me proud


Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, expressed his pride in the record he achieved with the Reds after he became the first player in the history of the club to reach 20 goals in three separate seasons in the English Premier League, indicating that Manchester United wants to prevent the team from participating in the Champions League Europe next season.

Sixth-placed Liverpool in the Premier League will meet Manchester United, second-placed, on Sunday in the 34th week of the competition.

Salah said, in a lengthy interview, transmitted by the official website of Liverpool today, Saturday: “I am proud to score goals for a club like Liverpool, this number is a big thing for me and something that makes me feel proud, I just need to continue working hard and achieve more for the club and myself, and I cannot say that It just concerns me. ”

He added, “It’s also about the players; they also try to help all the time and give me the ball in front of goal, so I would like to thank them also for this achievement. They are a big part of it.”

Salah talked about the possibility of being crowned the top scorer award in the English Premier League for the third time, as he is currently one goal behind Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane in the race for the Golden Boot, and said: “I might win it again, I think that the main goal of the team and for me is to be in fourth place.” And to participate in the Champions League. This is the main goal, and that is the most important thing. ”

The suffering of Liverpool

And about why Liverpool are suffering this season, Salah explained: “Well, I don’t want to give any excuses but I think we started the season really well and then had some injuries and also struggled to win some matches. But this is all part of the nature of the game. I don’t want to put my hands on me.” some points”.

“We can do better, we were not lucky, so let’s finish the season in the best way possible and then think about winning the Premier League next season again.”

“If you look at the matches, as in the last game, we created a lot of chances but we didn’t score. It’s not about the intensity because we can still reach the goal and we can still miss the chances. We started the season very well, we were at the top of the table, then We had a low, which is why we are in a position like we are now. ”

Few goals

Regarding the reasons behind the team’s decline in scoring in front of the goal, Salah replied: “I don’t know. I think maybe after the Crystal Palace match we started to draw and lose some points and maybe some players lost some confidence in scoring goals or something like that. But I don’t mean anything. Bad about my team-mates, I’m just saying maybe that’s part of the reason. ”

He continued: “I think it is part of the game that you miss an opportunity and you just need to keep going and go ahead to have the next opportunity and have the mindset that you will score, that opportunity will come anyway. But I think in some games we go into the game with some pressure that we have to win now. I think this affects us in the game. ”

He added, “I think this is what happened because we started the season really well and everyone was saying that we would win the Premier League again, and since we started wasting points, we started to feel more pressure, we felt that we were going to lose the title, and the pressure increased. And we were injured, we lost Henderson.” Fabinho is in the middle and of course we lost all the central defenders, so it was difficult for us to deal with that. But this is football and you have to expect everything. ”

He revealed, “We had as players meeting before and we were talking about everything. Some of the leaders were talking about the situation and everything, but this is something special. I can’t talk about that here, we are teammates and we are good friends too. We are a group, so I think that.” “The relationship is good between us all. I can see that the players here are very humble and very nice, so I think we are a great group.”

The absence of the masses

Regarding the impact of the absence of fans in the stadiums on the Reds, Salah explained: “It is difficult for us, especially when you are playing at Anfield without fans, it is more difficult. It affected us a lot.”

“We just try to win but sometimes you go to the game and you don’t see the fans behind you or you get them to give you another push or something like that. I don’t think it’s just about us, it’s the same for all the other teams, but I think the other teams are You don’t get the same benefit from a full stadium like us, because Anfield is always giving us another push and the fans are always behind us. So we’re affected by that. ”

The golden square

Regarding the difference between competing for the title and securing a place in the top four at this stage of the season in order to qualify for the Champions League, Salah said: “I think the pressure is higher and it is more difficult for us because now you feel as if you have to win every match. But I think that What we can do is focus on each match at a time only and not think about the other four matches. ”

“We will be facing Manchester United in the next game, so we are only focusing on that match leaving the other four for later. It’s difficult but it is part of our job,” he added.

He continued: “facing Manchester United will be a really big game and everyone in the world is waiting for this match, I think it means a lot for Man United to defeat us as well, to prevent us from playing in the Champions League. I understand that but for us it is a bigger motivation. We want to play in a league.” The heroes, so it’s a big motivation for us, so we just need to try to win the next game, submit everything and we’ll see what happens. ”

He emphasized, “It is one of the biggest matches I like to play all the time.”

Salah concluded, “I think it is difficult to talk about the last two games, and I think we can do better. We could have won the last match and we would be in a little better position, but now we just need to focus on the next five games. If you are thinking about matches. “It won’t change anything now, so we just need to focus on the next five games and that’s it.”

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