Salma Abu Deif Dokht Al-Shabab: Better than Nasreen Tafesh


The artist, Salma Abu Deif, published a new photo of her through her personal account on the social networking site Instagram.

Abu Deif appeared in black in an elegant dress, which impressed her followers.

It is noteworthy that Salma Abu Deif’s latest work was her role in the story “I need to live” within the tales of the series “Una I” with Jamila Awad and Najla Badr, and she became famous after the actress Jamila Awad simulated a character afflicted with Vitiligo.

Watch - Salma Abu Deif Dokht Al Shabab: Better than Nasreen Tafesh
Salma Abu Dhif

The name Salma Abu Deif has always been associated with controversial topics, including her long-time association with an Italian youth, but the situation calmed down after her separation from him.

And at the beginning of this year, Salma Abu Deif took pictures with the editor of “Vogue” magazine in Dubai, who is Italian, and the young artist responded to the attack by saying that they are just friends, and they have no emotional relationship.

Salma Abu Deif recently revealed that she could not fulfill her dream of becoming a model despite her thin body, due to her short stature, and that she had previously rejected offers from 22 advertising agencies in New York.

She noted that her weight reaches 48 kilograms, although she eats all foods, but in small quantities.


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