Samiha Ayoub: Artistic success is not ruled by the “fake trend”


In her interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the able artist reveals the scenes of the work, as well as her new work, and in parallel talks about a number of problems facing the art scene, referring to a dilemma.Favoritism and cronyismAs well as what she described as a “fake trend,” referring to the race to reach the “trend” among artists.

At the beginning of her speech, the able artist expressed her happiness with the reactions of the audience that she received after her role in the series “The Peacock,” very happy with the positive reactions that are said about the work and praises that it is a distinguished work and discusses the issue of supporting women against the phenomenon of harassment and other things.

Dramatic plot

The artist explained Samiha Ayoub What attracted her to participate in the series is the role itself, and “the paper is well written,” and the story itself has a message and a dramatic plot discussing a problem on the surface of society, confirming that the role may be good, but the script paper is weak, and in this case she refuses to contract on him.

Ayoub indicated that she did not encounter any difficulty in photographing except for the period of the great spread of the Corona virus.

And about his first work with the Syrian artist Jamal Suleiman, She said that he is “a great artist with a great history,” and working with him was as if they knew each other, describing him as a “welcome friend during the scenes.”

She also said that “working with director Raouf Abdel Aziz is very interesting,” as she was surprised that he was “a good director beyond description and masters of his tools and creates a comfortable atmosphere during filming time.”


And about the fact of discussion Peacock series For an issue Vermont Famous, Samiha Ayoub said: “What is the problem with that? The work discusses issues in society, which is very far from Vermont, but suppose for the sake of argument that this happened, as everyone knows about that famous issue that occurred in our society, but rather the Arab world.”

Samiha Ayoub talked about the communication submitted by the artist Al-Amrousy forbade Against the peacock makers that they are exploiting her daughter for the benefit of work, saying: “The issue has become the property of the people. This is a public opinion issue, not a person’s issue.”

As for the success of the peacock, apart from what she described as a “fake trend,” she explained that any work that discusses reality must succeed “because we live in a realistic and not hypothetical society.” As long as there is a message that the work provides, it is necessary for it to succeed, noting that there are some series that lack social drama. Science, politics and culture.

She also criticized the phenomenon of “too many advertisements” shown on television during the show of dramas, but revealed that she was watching the Cairo Kabul series, which “snatched her eyes”, she said.

Nepotism and cronyism

Regarding the lack of works of the artist Samiha Ayoub and their disappearance from the artistic scene in recent years, she explained that this is a “fashion of the times,” and that belongs to the authors and not to the producers because of their writing on dramatic topics that stand at a certain age, such as the problems of childhood and adolescence, “as if life is rosy that stops at the age of forty.” She also indicated in parallel that “Shaleela and nepotism are the ones that dominate the artistic scene during our time.”

And about her success in the Mazaj Al-Khair series that was previously shown, and whether she would accept to participate in a second part of it, if the makers presented that idea to her, the artist Samiha Ayoub welcomed this when she read the script and would not mind.

On the other hand, the able artist Samiha Ayoub talked about her distinguished participation in the play “Almaz and Si Abdo”, which is shown on the Balloon Theater, in which she performs a voice, about the life of Almaz and Abdo Al Hamuli.

She explained that it is a pleasant experience, “and during the theatrical performance, you will not be able to mention all the events due to the lack of time. History is singled out through the narrator .. The show represents the Egyptian heritage of the era full of rapture.”

Feast night

She revealed that she is participating in the cinema through the movie “Eid Night” by Sameh Abdel Aziz, which she filmed for two days and then continues her scenes after Eid Al-Fitr.

She revealed the details of her role, as she embodies the character of a woman who suffers from oppression in a certain way in society, and she is a Suadi woman whose family refuses to give her her share of the inheritance.

In the context of her interview with “Sky News Arabia”, she touched on the landfill program “Ramez his mind flew”, and the artist, Ramez Jalal, presented about him, who said that he knows its artistic value well and does not dare to host it. “He takes people (artists) to make fun of them,” she said.

She also commented on a question about her not participating in the El Gouna Film Festival in previous editions, saying: “It is not appropriate for me or me.”

The able artist Samiha Ayoub concluded her speech by noting that she was honored by three presidents, and that she was awarded the Order of the Nile last year.


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