Samir Othman: Zamalek does not deserve a penalty kick against Pyramids … and sends a message to Jihad Greisha


Samir Othman, the former referee and arbitration analyst, revealed the validity of the penalty kick calculated in favor of Zamalek against Pyramids, during the match that brought them together in competitions Egyptian League.

And the match ended Zamalek And Pyramids in a 1-1 draw, under arbitration management led by Jihad Greisha.

“Tariq Hamed deserved a warning because he hit Abdullah Al-Saeed in the elbow,” Samir Othman said in televised statements on On Time Sports channel.

And he continued: “There is no big judgment that does not count such balls, (O jihad, love yourself more than any team), because any judgment against him does not look except for his name only and not for the competitor.”

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He continued: “Zamalek does not deserve a penalty kick for touching the ball to the Pyramids defender, because the defender took the ball out and collided with the other player while unintentionally.”

And about returning the penalty kick, he replied: “Jihad Greisha should not return to the fugitive because it is clear and does not deserve to be confirmed. There are 15 players who entered the penalty area while shooting the ball, in addition to Sherif Ikrami’s exit from his goal.”

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