Sanctions await … a strong US warning to the Ethiopian government


The US State Department said, in a statement against Ethiopia And its ruling system, that what the Addis Ababa government is doing is unacceptable, according to separate media reports.

Reports stated that the obstruction of humanitarian organizations by Ethiopia and Eritrea in Tigray is unacceptable.

و .ضافت External America, that the forces of Ethiopia and Eritrea are increasing the suffering in Tigray and making matters worse and worse.

And today, Sunday, I announced Ministry of Foreign Affairs Today, Sunday, the Ethiopian government refused to raise the issue of the use of chemical weapons in the Tigray region on the international scene, confirming that it did not use any of these weapons.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Addis Ababa intends to hold accountable all those involved in the killing of civilians in the Tigray region, regardless of their location.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry claimed that it had opened humanitarian corridors and provided food, medicine and other urgent aid to the Tigray region, in addition to securing humanitarian workers there.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry affirmed its commitment to removing all obstacles that prevent the delivery of humanitarian aid to the population of the region, which has been witnessing devastation since the start of the military campaign launched by the Ethiopian government against the region due to disagreements with the leaders of the region.

The American magazine “Foreign Policy” reported that the US administration is planning to impose sanctions on officials in Ethiopia; This is due to the crimes committed by Addis Ababa in the Tigray region, indicating that the administration of US President Joe Biden intends to impose restrictions on the visas of some officials of the Ethiopian army and government; Because of the conflict and brutalities in the Tigray region, which is located between the two countries.

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