Saudi stocks fell at the close of trading on Sunday


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The main index “TASI” of the Saudi stock market, “Tadawul”, closed today’s session, declining for the second consecutive session, after losing 53.47 points under pressure from the negative performance of half of the market’s sectors.

“Tassi” ended the trading day, down 0.51%, after losing 53.47 points, compared to 112.24 points in the previous session, to fall to the level of 10365.51 points. Liquidity decreased to 8.29 billion riyals from 9.83 billion in the previous session, and the volume of trading decreased to 321.05 million shares, from 365.3 million shares at the end of last Thursday’s session.

The negative performance dominated 11 sectors, led by applications, technology services and banks, after declining 1.57% and 1.27%, respectively, while the rest of the sectors closed higher, with the lead in consumer services, which rose 3.65%, followed by real estate management and development, up 2.34%.

As for stocks, the gains were from 105 shares led by “Seera”, which rose 7.72%, while the loss was for 85 shares, led by Alujain, which fell 4.92%.

The share of «Seera» the most active in terms of liquidity during the meeting, which amounted to 619.77 million riyals. As for the share of «Dar Al-Arkan», it acquired the largest volume of trading with 48.8 million shares.

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