“School of rioters” in color for the first time after 47 years of being shown on stage


The play in color comes for the first time after it has been restored using modern technology

The play “School of the rioters” is shown on Eid al-Fitr on the electronic platform “Shahid” using color technology, for the first time after it was shown 47 years ago, specifically in 1973.

The play starring Adel Imam, Saeed Saleh, Hadi Al-Jiyar, Ahmed Zaki, Younis Shalaby, Hassan Mustafa, Suhair Al-Babli and Abdullah Farghali, and written by Ali Salem, and directed by Jalal Al-Sharqawi.

Theatrical restoration

The display of the play comes in color for the first time after it was restored using modern technology, in order for the clothes of the actors and the decorations to appear in their true colors, in order to preserve the play and present it to generations that do not know it.

Critic Magda Khairallah commented to one of the Egyptian websites that officials have the right to display the play in color, provided that this is implemented only in the version for which they have obtained its rights, and that the new generation will be happy to watch it in color, but previous generations will not like the idea and change what they were brought up with, especially since Black and white has its aesthetics, and that the original copy will not be approached by anyone, because whoever saw it in this way will still want it in the same way without change, because this is history.

Trying to revive the artistic heritage

Coloring the play “School of the rioters” is not a modern idea, as the Egyptian engineer Mohamed El-Deeb colored a group of clips in black and white films using artificial intelligence, and stated at the time that it was because of his desire to revive the heritage and attract a group of younger generations to these works, and he did Color more than 200 pictures.

The restoration of the play “School of the rioters” raises controversy again over the neglect of the Egyptian heritage. Only the films of the late director Youssef Shaheen have been restored, which is an agreement between his family and the Global Misr Company in cooperation with French parties, in which 20 films were restored, in addition to the restoration of 1200 by Rotana. Egyptian film to be shown through its channels.

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