She fell from a hole in the bridge .. “Gerges” tried to save his daughter from drowning


09:41 AM

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Minya – Mohamed Al-Nady:

A merchant and his daughter in the city of Mallawi, south of Minya governorate, pronounced their last breaths, drowning in the Nile, as the girl fell from the top of a bridge in the water, and when the father tried to rescue her, he died because he could not swim.

The director of Minya security, Major General Mahmoud Khalil, received a notification from the head of the police station in Mallawi, that a signal came from the emergency room, about the death of Gerges Emad, 35, known as “Hamada Al-Qassis,” and his daughter, “Julia,” 3 years, who drowned after they fell from the top of the Mallawi Bridge in the river Nile.

Tariq Jamal, a friend of the victim, told “Masrawy” that while his friend and his family were at the top of the Nile Bridge in Mallawi, his daughter Julia fell into the Nile River, so the father tried to save her by jumping behind her. What led to their deaths by drowning.

“Jamal” explained that his friend Gerges does not know how to swim, and that he jumped behind his child after watching her drown, after she fell from one of the wide openings of the bridge.

Ayman Ghani, a friend of the victim, added that the bodies of his friend and his child are still inside the Nile River, and that rescue teams are searching for them.

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