She was complaining about her fatigue … Muhammad Sami cried after talking about Al-Gretli’s dreams (video) news


Director Mohamed Sami affirmed his love for the late able artist Ahlam Al-Gretli, who appeared as “Umm Ghufran” in the series “Nassal Al-Ghurab” by stars Ahmed Al-Sakka and Amir Karara.

Al-Gretli’s appearance had a special appearance with a distinguished artistic performance, as if she was saying goodbye to her audience through her latest dramatic works, leaving a large and distinctive imprint of an able artist who presented a number of important works and roles in her artistic history.

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Muhammad Sami said during his interview with Basma Wahba, the media, on the “The Divination” program, broadcast on the “Al-Mehwar” channel, that he was affected by her departure and became depressed, commenting: “I loved her very much from my heart, and I worked with her a lot, and she always said you are my son .. and I always used to reflect her. The whole time she was 19 years old, and we danced together. ”

Director Mohamed Sami cried on the air, saying: “She was complaining more than once about her fatigue, and I was surprised by her saying to me … Are you going to get upset when I die?”, Asking everyone to read Al-Fatiha in her soul.

Nassal Al-Gharib A series that tells the story of a revenge between two branches belonging to the Al-Gharib family. The war that was 20 years ago led to the death of a large number of the family’s descendants. .

It is noteworthy that the series “Naseel Al-Aghrab” is the first collaboration between Ahmed El-Sakka and Amir Karara in the TV drama, after their meeting in the starring of the movie “An Emergency Escape” two years ago, and the series written and directed by Muhammad Sami, produced by Synergy – Tamer Morsi, and co-starring Mai Omar, Diab, Muhammad Juma, Firdaws Abdel Hamid, Edward, Naglaa Badr, Muhammad Alaa, Ahmed Malik, Ahmed Dash, Muhammad Mahran and Ahmed Fahim.

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