“Shehab Pasha” is subjected to legal accountability for dancing on his mother’s body in “Musa” news


The events of episode 21 of the series “Musa” witnessed a major escalation of events after the scene of the dance of “Shehab Pasha” Sabri Fawaz about his mother’s body, which he keeps in a glass box inside the palace, sparked widespread controversy.

After “Shafiqa” discovers the reason for preventing her husband, “Shihab”, from entering that room from the palace and watching him dance in front of his mother’s body, “Shafiqa” turns to his sister, who takes a police force with her to bury her mother against her brother’s will. Sabri Fawaz is exposed to legal accountability because of his mother’s detention in the palace After her death.

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It is noteworthy that the series “Musa” was written by Nasser Abdel-Rahman, produced by Synergy, directed by Muhammad Salama, and starring Muhammad Ramadan, Sumaya al-Khashab, Riad El-Khouli, Sayed Ragab, Arifa Abdel Rasoul, Abeer Sabry, Heba Magdy, Sabri Fawaz, since Rayahneh, Farida Seif Al-Nasr, Hamdi Al-Wazir and Tara Emad.
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