Sherihan in new pictures clinging to hope, will and patience: It is not impossible


The star, Sherihan, has posted new pictures on her Instagram account, with some motivational words that have been admired and appreciated by many of her followers and fans.

Sherihan said in the post, which she documented with pictures: “Many times, I used to create a false goal in me to break through and penetrate some difficulties, which at that time everyone around me saw it as impossible, and after passing it, I went back to my original and basic goal and insisted on achieving it despite everything Around me he says that it is impossible and impossible, but I used to say, “No,” there is no impossible, if a person wants, with hope, will and perseverance, it is not impossible, between time and time I wash with hope and purify myself with tolerance and love.

The star Sherihan from the scenes of her announcement
The star Sherihan
Post Sherihan
Post Sherihan

Sherihan in the scenes of her announcement

Twitter users interacted with the emergence of the star Sherihan, and topped the list of the most popular on Twitter, where Raja Al-Saeed wrote: “Sherihan is beautiful and her beauty is exceptional, I have nourished the whole world.” Radwa added: “I love Sherihan Awi and Farhana when she returns.“.

The star, Sherihan, sent a message to the Egyptian people and expressed her happiness for her participation with the public during the current Ramadan, and said on her personal account on the “Twitter” website: “Is the age in it, how many seconds and a minute and an hour or a month and a year for me to live in you with you and among you? A moment of bowing thanks from my heart and my life to all of you, without arrangement or exception, a moment that I waited so long for a beautiful response in my neck from September 2002, my feelings are all confused but happy. “

Sherihan in a picture from the scenes of her advertisement
Sherihan in a picture from the scenes of her advertisement


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