Sherihan reveals the secret of achieving the impossible. I wash myself with hope and purify myself with forgiveness and love, my lady


The star is back Sherihan To celebrate her first artistic appearance after a 19-year absence from her fans, and she sent a message to her audience, confirming that what she achieved in her life was considered impossible by some of those around her, but she invented a “foolproof” way to achieve her goals, however difficult they were.

Sherihan offers her recipe for facing the impossible

Sherihan published several new photos from the scenes of filming her advertisement for a company providing telecommunications services in Egypt, and it was shown with the first minutes of the current month of Ramadan, and she commented on it through her Instagram account, saying: Many times, I used to create a false goal in me to break it and penetrate some of the difficulties in At that time, everyone around me saw it as impossible, and after passing it, I would go back to my original and basic goal and insist on achieving it even though everything around me says that it is impossible and impossible, but I used to say “No, there is no impossible.”

And she continued: That is, if a person wanted … with hope, will and perseverance … it is not impossible. Every now and then I wash myself with hope and purify myself with forgiveness and love.

It is noteworthy that the star Sherihan was at the forefront of the most searched on social networking sites, and the most viewed trend one hour after the presentation of her first advertisement after a complete absence from her audience for 19 years, and a large number of social media users showed that they were affected by the idea of ​​the advertisement that shortened the story of Sherihan’s suffering in 30 years. Just a second.

The advertisement revolves around the idea of ​​how her stardom began with a dream of fame, then entering the world of shows with the fountains, and the end of this dream after being exposed to a car accident that caused her to undergo several back surgeries, and then her famous health crisis, and how she overcame all these difficulties and returned to shine again.

Sherihan presented the advertisement in her distinctive manner and was inspired by the atmosphere of Fawazir A Thousand and One Nights, with the participation of a dancing troupe that had previously participated with her in filming her not-yet-shown play “Coco Chanel”.

Sherihan pre-empted the advertisement by sending an influential message to her audience, who had supported her since her absence in 2002, following her difficult health crisis, and said that she was waiting for the moment to return to entertain this audience with impatience.

Sherihan published the full message through her account on Facebook and Twitter, and said: I am living a sincere human moment, a moment of bowing thanks from my heart and my age to all of you without arrangement or exception, a moment that I waited so long for a beautiful response in my neck from September 2002, my feelings are all confused but happy.

She continued, saying: I used to write, with books and books, letters that are not known to anyone but my Lord, and I sent them to you, and I dreamed of a second embracing me and a bow, thanking all of you, but all of them were from one side, I didn’t know how I could say them to one of you and myself !! If only for me .. I would have wanted to enter a house, an alley, a street, a street, every neighborhood, a city, and a village.

And she continued: On these noble days and this great month, I want to tell you that I am more than thankful. You loved me, you respected me, you embraced me, and with your love and prayers you healed me and still you cured me

She concluded her message by saying: Thank you and 100 million bows of thanks and a kiss on everyone’s forehead, starting from the youngest child and Egyptian citizen to the last person in the world .. Thank you, Sherihan is from you and you and forever .. Your love is the life of Ramadan Kareem.

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