Smouha president reveals Greishas courtesy to Zamalek in 2014


Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, confirmed that Zamalek club’s feeling of injustice from the referee, Jihad Greisha, after the Pyramids match, comes because the same referee favored Zamalek before in the 2014 Egypt Cup final and contributed to the victory of the White at the expense of his club.

Zamalek tied 1-1 against Pyramids in the 19th round match of the Premier League competition, and a major crisis occurred after the match due to Zamalek’s complaint about the decisions of Jihad Greisha.

Faraj Amer previously stated on more than one occasion that Smouha lost the 2014 Egyptian Cup title to Zamalek due to arbitration errors at that time.

Faraj Amer said through his official account on the social networking site “Facebook”, “Zamalek feels unfair from the referee, Jihad Greisha in a match with Pyramids, which ended in a draw, even if the referee did not oppress them.”

And he continued, “Zamalek is sure of his injustice to them, because he complimented Zamalek in the final of the 2014 Egypt Cup in front of Smouha, and gave them the cup in blatant courtesy to Zamalek at the expense of Smouha Al-Harifa and deprived us of the cup.”

He added, “And for information, whoever compliments you one day and accepts the injustice of the other, be sure that a day will come and he will oppress you on behalf of another team. Nature prevails over temperament.”

He concluded, “If only everyone knew this and took from the international referee Mahmoud Al-Banna, the example. He was completely fair and no one could talk to him, and he did not compliment any team before.”


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