Source: Dalal Abdel Aziz’s health condition has improved | news


A source close to the actress Dalal Abdel Aziz revealed the developments in her health condition in the isolation hospital after she was infected with the new Corona virus.

The source told FilFan that Dalal Abdel Aziz’s health is improving after her temperature drops, but she is still continuing with the oxygen sessions.

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Dalal Abdel Aziz was infected with the Corona virus during the filming of the series “Parallel World” and had been suffering from difficulty breathing for about 5 days, and since she was transferred to a hospital on Suez Road, she has been subjected to oxygen sessions after a low level of oxygen in the blood.

Dalal Abdel Aziz is participating in the Ramadan drama of the current season in the series “Kings of Al-Jadana”. Episode 18 witnessed an impressive scene about the death of “Al Hajjah Attia – Dalal Abdel Aziz”, who called her son “Sariya – Amr Saad” and looked at the sky and smiled while talking about the beauty of what she sees in her moments Last.

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