Spain’s Olympic coach: The participation of Mohamed Salah is something that matters to the world


Spain’s Olympic coach Luis de la Fuente stated that Egypt is seen as a competitor in the group during the Tokyo Olympics as the African champion, and he said that the participation of Mohamed Salah is important to the whole world.

La Fuente said in his statements to “Ontime Sports” satellite: “The confrontation with Egypt will be a difficult match because Egypt is the African champion, and it will be a great and great event and we will try to be at our best level in order to present a good match.”

He continued: “We are eager to play with a generation of players with high potential, and we do not yet know who will participate in the tournament, but there are many players in various European leagues who will participate with the Spanish national team.”

He added: “I do not think that Spain and Argentina have guaranteed qualification, and from my point of view the group is balanced and there are elements in all teams with high capabilities, and we do not know yet who will qualify.”

As for the position of his team and the stability on the list, he said: “We have 6 players under the age of 21 and we do not know of the three elements that will have the opportunity to be in the Olympiad, but I wish all the great players, but this is in the thinking stage to know who will participate.”

He continued: “We are waiting for Ansu Fati to recover from the injury because he is a great player and we hope that he will be with us, but we do not know when it will end, and so far we do not have enough information.”

Regarding his opinion about the possibility of Mohamed Salah’s presence, he said: “Mohamed Salah’s participation in the Olympiad is important for the whole world, not just for Egypt, and all the players who will participate will be a subject of our thinking, and surely every player wishes to participate in such a big event.”

And he added, “I saw the Egyptian national team on some occasions, but I did not study it well, but within 3 weeks we will study the teams well, and we must study deeply and think more about all the participating teams, but definitely the African champion must be a good team.”

And he added, “I am definitely a lover of competition and I hope that all the distinguished elements, whether Mohamed Salah with Egypt, or Messi with Argentina, will participate, and when he participates in elements of the size of these, they will be an addition to the tournament.”

He concluded by saying, “Most of the teams are close, and I think that the team that will commit a few mistakes will win and will win.”


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