Spain’s Olympic coach: The presence of Salah and Messi in the Tokyo Olympics is a great event


Luis de Lafuente, Spain’s Olympic coach, confirmed that the “Matador” match with the Pharaohs in the Tokyo Olympics will be strong and exciting, explaining that his team needs more work; To prepare to face the Egyptian national team led by Shawky Gharib, as he is the African champion.

Lafuente said, in televised comments on the “Al-Talata audience” program, with Ibrahim Fayek, on Ontime Sports 2: “Until now, we do not know the names of the players who will participate with us in the Olympiad, the coming days will determine this, but we certainly have many distinguished players in various different fields.” World patrols. “

The Spanish Olympic team coach added that the Egypt and Spain group, along with Argentina and Australia, are balanced, and all qualification opportunities are open to all possibilities, explaining that no team has decided its position on qualifying from now for the second round.

La Fuente confirmed that he has not yet settled on the Spanish national team list, and the same is true for the three players over the age, explaining that Pique, Ramos and other big stars will determine their position on whether or not to participate if they are selected.

The Spanish coach indicated that the presence of Mohamed Salah with the Egyptian Olympic team will be a great event for the entire tournament, not for the Egyptian team only, and we are eager to face the Egyptian national team with all its stars and we expect a difficult and exciting match in front of the Pharaohs.

La Fuente revealed that in the next three weeks he will study the three teams that compete in the group in the Olympics, explaining that he expects to face Salah with Egypt and Messi with Argentina, and that the duo of Salah and Messi will add a special flavor to the Olympics.


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