Special | After his transfer to the hospital .. Developments in the health condition of director Yasser S.


10:51 AM

Sunday 02 May 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

The director, Yasser Sami, was transferred to the hospital yesterday, after suffering from severe poisoning, and the poet Ahmed Al-Maliki (the brother-in-law of the director Yasser Sami) revealed the details of his health condition.

In a special statement to the “Masrawy” website, Al-Maliki said: “Praise be to God, director Yasser Sami is currently fine, and he left the hospital to return to home. Yasser entered the hospital very tired, after suffering from severe poisoning, and a stomach wash was performed for him, and after his health condition improved.” , He returned to the house”.

Sami’s sister revealed on her Facebook page the details of his health crisis: “I lived two days of horror, and I felt in them that I lost my mind.”

And she went on: “Yasser Galeh called for severe poisoning.” Comments from the public and colleagues in the artistic community poured in on her, wishing a cure.

Director Yasser Sami went through a health crisis last year, which necessitated his detention in a hospital after suffering severe pneumonia.


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