Sporting defeats Al-Ahly and is crowned champion of the Women’s Super Basketball League


Team succeeded Sporting In the coronation of the Women’s Super League Basketball Championship at the club’s expense Ahly In the fifth final round confrontation, which brought the two teams together with a score of 80/63.

The Youth and Sports Authority hall in the 6th of October hosted the Super League final matches held under the Best of 5 system.

Sporting won in the first two matches in the final round at the expense of Al-Ahly with a score in the first match 94/69, and in the second meeting, with a score of 86/76, before Al-Ahly returned to victory in the third and fourth matches, with a score of 83/80 and 82-72.

Sporting club dominated the decisive match at the expense of Al-Ahly club, as it ended the matches with the following results 21/19, 42/26, 58/42, 80/63.


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