Starting next July, 2,400 pounds is the monthly income to extract ration cards


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Preparations are underway at the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, in full swing to implement the decision of Dr. Ali Al-Moselhy, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, to raise the minimum monthly income for obtaining new supply cards for the most favored groups to 2,400 pounds instead of 1,500 pounds, where the person who earns a monthly income is entitled to 2,400 pounds Or less, to obtain a supply card for him with a maximum of four persons, as well as for those who receive a pension of up to 1500 pounds, as of next July, while the cards are currently being issued for those who receive a monthly income of up to 1500 only and a pension of up to 1200 pounds, and it is in the beginning of July Next, the minimum income and pension will be increased in order to expand the umbrella of social protection and make cards available to the most needy groups.

And the decision of the Minister of Supply included that a ration card must be issued that entitles its owner to obtain food commodities in accordance with the support decided for each individual, and they are entitled to social security pensions, Sadat, Mubarak, solidarity and dignity, widows and divorced women, those with chronic diseases and those with special needs, as well as minors who do not have a breadwinner or fixed income. Due to the death of the parents, in addition to the issuance of cards for temporary seasonal workers, agricultural workers, street vendors, migrant workers, drivers, professionals and craftsmen who have self-employment with low incomes, the unemployed and those of similar status, those with educational qualifications and are still without work, according to social research and a monthly income of up to 2400 pounds per month Pensioners working in the government, public or private business sector who are insured with a maximum of 1,500 pounds, and workers in the government, public business sector or the private sector who are insured with a maximum of 2,400 pounds.

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade has warned citizens holding ration cards, during their requests to obtain services through the Egypt Support website or the Egypt digital portal, the need to exercise caution during data registration and to ensure the accuracy of the information that the citizen registers electronically, especially with regard to adding new births. Or the extraction of cards or the addition of the wife who is deprived of support while she is not restricted to any supply card that her husband has the right to add it to his card with the same conditions for adding newborns, and that if any fraud is proven in any of the card’s data, the card will be permanently canceled and also legal accountability by making statements Wrong official documents.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Supply continues to receive the registration of the mobile number on the “Support Egypt” website for the holders of the beneficiaries’ cards from the supply goods and bread system, in the context of ensuring the facilitation and availability of all catering services to citizens easily, and that the mobile number is not registered on the “support Egypt “will not harm any citizen or beneficiary of the supply goods system, but it will deprive the citizen himself of some advantages, which are the ability to obtain supply services electronically, such as: extracting cards for the replacement of damaged and lost, as well as changing the governorate to another, adding newborns or inquiring about the balance.” Entering the card holder on the “Egypt Support” website and typing the mobile number. The number is reviewed with the concerned authorities immediately, to ensure that the number is registered in the name of the card owner with the mobile companies or in the name of one of the family members registered on the same card, and that if it is found that the number is correct It is registered immediately to the card holder.

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