Stomach paralysis Presentation threatening diabetics when high blood sugar


For sure, you have heard about diabetes, and that you have come across someone with this disease, whether a friend or a family member, and the truth is that if you do not treat it and follow the medical instructions, the consequences will be very dire.

As it is said and heard, that diabetes, the longer it preserves, preserves you, and one of the most common types of diabetes is the second type, and avoiding the problems caused by this type is answered by taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor on time.

The complications of diabetes are not limited to kidney disease, vision loss, and amputations in extreme circumstances, but it can also affect other parts of the body, including the digestive system.

It is a symptom that many have not heard about, caused by increased blood sugar in diabetics, and it is possible that there are those who feel it but did not know its medical or scientific name.

This symptom is gastric paralysis, which produces a result High blood sugar, which results in nerve damage, causing the muscles of the digestive system to fail or paralyze completely.

The patient takes a long time to destroy the food and empty his stomach into the intestine, then it starts to feel exhausted, and up to bloating, nausea and heartburn, an early feeling of satiety, the patient’s weight decreases, in addition to a regression of the digestive juices into the esophagus, which results in heartburn.

The big problem is what happens inside the human body, as there will be no control over glucose in the blood because the digestive process is disrupted.

The ideal treatment for this symptom is to manage blood sugar levelsCheck blood sugar levels frequently and refer to a specialist.

If the stomach paralysis is very severe, the stomach paralysis patient may need a feeding tube or intravenous feeding.

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