Strangling Ali Truecycle .. The interior reveals the details of the video of the quarrel in the village of Daljamoun


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The Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of the circulation of a video clip of a quarrel between some citizens in the village of Daljamoun in the West, and the arrest of the accused.

In a statement on Tuesday morning, the ministry said: “In the framework of the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to uncover the circumstances of what has been circulated regarding a video clip that includes the occurrence of a fight with white weapons between the people in the village of Daljamoun in the Kafr Al-Ziyat Police Station Department in the Gharbia Governorate, by examining it was found that a fight occurred in the village between each of the first two people (A worker in a cafe – a housewife) and a second party 4 people (3 farmers – a student), all residing in the same village, after the second party left their motorcycle (tricycle) in front of the cafe of the first who objected to this, and a verbal altercation occurred between them that developed into a quarrel that exceeded Where each of them on the other without any injuries ».

And the security services were able to control the two parties to the quarrel, and by asking them they supported the above, and they decided to reconcile and compromise between them. Legal measures were taken and presented to the Public Prosecution.

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