Sudan: Ethiopias intransigence regarding the Renaissance Dam “puts it in the category of aggressor.”


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The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maryam Al-Sadiq, said that Ethiopia’s intransigence and its rejection of the demands of Khartoum and Egypt regarding the failure to fill and operate the Renaissance Dam except with an agreement “puts it in the category of the aggressor who consumes time to harm others.”

This came in a statement issued by the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Sunday, after the minister met with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in Entebbe, where she briefed him on the latest developments regarding the Renaissance Dam negotiations between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia.

The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ugandan President listed the stages of negotiations, since the Declaration of Principles Agreement and the positive Sudanese position to reach an agreement that opens the way for the common interests of the three countries.

The Minister affirmed the strength of the distinguished bilateral relations between Sudan and Uganda in various fields, praising Museveni’s approach in support of peace efforts.

The Ugandan President appreciated Sudan’s role in Africa and its peace initiatives, stressing Ugandas support for dialogue leading to gains for all parties on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

He pointed out that “the correct approach to address the points of disagreement regarding the Renaissance Dam is to agree on the strategic vision for managing the Nile waters.”

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