Sufi praise the voices of the chanting of Egypt, Pakistan and Britain


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You may hear the call to prayer or recitation of the Qur’an in many angles or circles of remembrance and chanting during the month of fasting in some of the streets of the Islamic world.

Among these voices, women’s voices are hardly heard except as a whisper between the rattling voices of men.

We searched for the well-known voices of Sufi singers around the world, and we talked to them about their experience and how they managed to blend their beliefs with the culture of their country, and even their femininity in a field that is dominated by men.

From traditional singing to Sufi chanting

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Vocalist Aida Al-Ayoubi

We started in Cairo and went to meet the vocalist, Aida Al-Ayoubi, who became famous in the early nineties but kept out of the limelight for years and then returned to her in a new look.

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