Sumaya al-Khashab on “Farah Musa and their sweetness”: “The first time I felt that I was a bride B.


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Tuesday 04 May 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami

The artist Sumaya El Khashab, her fans and followers, shared pictures of her wedding to the artist Mohamed Ramadan, as part of the events of Episode 21 of the series “Musa”, which is shown on the dmc screen in Ramadan.

Sumaya commented, on the photos that she posted on her Instagram account, saying: “The first time I feel that I am a serious bride, very happy that we are now on Twitter and Google .. with your love.”

Yesterday evening, the artist Muhammad Ramadan published, on his official Facebook page, pictures from the wedding of “Moussa” on “their sweetness”, during which the artist Ahmed Saad performed the wedding ceremony.

Ramadan commented on the pictures, saying: “Musas joy .. in episode 21 of Musas epic .. Muhammad Ramadan .. Sumaya al-Khashab .. Ahmed Saad .. trust in God is success.”

The audience received the photos with wide reactions on social media, as Ahmed Saad and Sumaya al-Khashab had previously married in October of 2017, and separated in March 2019 after a marriage that lasted about 18 months, and after that they exchanged offensive statements on each other.

The series “Musa” co-stars Sumaya Al-Khashab, Riyad Al-Khouli, Sayed Ragab and others, written by Nasser Abdel-Rahman and directed by Muhammad Salama.

The series is set in the 1940’s about the Sahidian character “Musa”, who faces many crises and conflicts and is forced to leave his country and come to Cairo to work in commerce.

The series “Musa” is shown on the channels: DMC – DMC drama – mbc 1 – mbc Iraq – art – Watchit platform – Watch vip platform.

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