Sumaya Al-Khashab to “Fi El Fan”: I liken me to “Tahiyyat Carioca”, an honor, and I almost lost my hair because of their “sweetness” | news


The actress Sumaya al-Khashab was able to draw attention to her with the character of “Halawethem”, the girl of the stump town who supports “Musa” and stands with him in the series “Musa”.

Since her appearance in the series Somaya El Khashab has won praise from the fans of the series, who called her “Malban Egypt”.

We recommend for you: Tariq Lotfi talks to “Fi El Fann” about the difficulties of “Cairo-Kabul”: I climbed mountains in 10 minutes and filmed us in subzero temperature., interviewed the artist Sumaya El Khashab to talk about the character and the scenes of photography, and these statements were:

– When I was offered the role, director Mohamed Salama told me that no one would be good at the role of their “sweetness”, such as Sumaya al-Khashab, as well as the artist Muhammad Ramadan.

– Fashion designer Samia Abdel Aziz and I used to choose the costumes, colors and accessories for the character “Halawetum” together, and it surprised me with its professionalism, accuracy, and daily presence on the filming site.

– Dr. Samia Abdel Aziz surprised me in one of the scenes that were suddenly filmed by preparing her “sweetness” dress within 24 hours only.

– It brought about a change in the shape of the eyebrows and became very thin, and those eyebrows were a feature of the forties period, as there was interest in makeup and its smallest details.

– Changing the shape of the eyebrows used to take half an hour or an hour except for a quarter with the cunning, because he used to completely erase my eyebrows and start drawing them again and I was stressed every day because she was considered an important rakor.

-I chose the red hair color for “their sweetness”, and the director and the costume designer agreed with me, because the red colors in its shades were common in the forties.

-I liked the hair color over their “sweetness” and found it suitable for my skin color, but there was suffering in changing my hair color from black to red, adding, “My hair is almost destroyed, but it is all for Moses.”

-I have stock in my subconscious mind for old movies. I am in love with black and white and its heroines such as Shadia, Tahia Carioca, Zaynat Sidqi and Mary Munib.

The manner of speaking, looks, movements, and even the pitch of my voice changed with their “sweetness”, and I was attentive to that detail.

– I used some words from that era, such as O regret, Montoufly, and Ajayeb, and my audience became highly interacting with them because they came out spontaneously.

– I do not think superficially about the absolute heroism, there is no such term because the hero performs his role and not all the roles, and from my point of view stardom is a successful work in which all his stars become heroes, including the director.

– The idea of ​​a single hero was an idea and a heroine, and this year’s works are witnessing many collective tournaments and I think that the idea of ​​collecting more than one hero loved by the audience in one work is a good idea.

-Mohammed Ramadan has great popularity and his works are successful, and no one denies the existence of a large segment of love for him and his works.

-Mohamed Ramadan is a good and humble person who imposes the atmosphere of fun on the filming site and the harmony between us made the scenes pass smoothly, as he is one of the most wonderful and beautiful of those who cooperated with them.

– I consider Hend Rostom, Tahia Carioca and Shadia the most beautiful of the six roles in Egyptian cinema.

– Their “sweetness” is very similar to me in terms of greed, fun, lightness, standing in time of distress, attraction, and intense romance.

-The secret of my fitness is that I exercise a lot, drink large quantities of water and dance. I love dancing because it improves the mood a lot and at the same time is a sport and I always advise my friends to dance even for half an hour.

I consider Muhammad Salama one of the best directors I have collaborated with, as he is a smart, calm, balanced person who is organized on set.

– Director Mohamed Salamas calm was enough to reflect on my performance and he became at my best for the character to come out like this.

– I am good at the roles of the Baladi lady, because my appearance is very oriental, so my features are original Egyptian, black hair and black eyes, and thank God who created me in the best way, adding, “I didn’t wish my hair would remain yellow and my eyes blue.”

I am good at all roles, but the beautiful country built inside Sumaya al-Khashab is Jadana and the lightness of the shade that characterizes the pure Egyptian.

– The Malban Egypt hashtag launched by my republic after Muhammad Ramadan published a photo from the scenes of “Musa”, describing me as lamen, and the title made me very happy.

– The idea of ​​the trend is a means to success, I think when the business becomes good it becomes a trend and I do not know the fact that some people buy the trend, but when the trend becomes motivated, its discovery is easy, but success imposes itself in all cases.

– We all cried when we left the set of “Moussa”, the atmosphere of love was the host of “Location: It is a blessing and a light.”

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