Sumaya al-Khashab to her fans: “Omar Kamal and I will dance to you (I promise you).”


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The artist Sumaya El Khashab has finished recording a new song duet with singer Omar Kamal, under the title “I promise you” that will be presented in the coming days. It is a summer dancer song, different music close to festivals, confirming that she loves Omar Kamal’s voice and considers it one of the strong voices in Egypt. And he’s very intelligent and knows how to choose the right sounds to sing with.

Al-Khashab said to Al-Masry Al-Youm: “We did not shoot the song in a video clip, and it will be released in the coming days, and it is still in the final stages of its implementation.”

Sumaya’s latest work was “Arabiya Ana”, during which she collaborated with the Lebanese director Rendali Kodeih. It was written by Muhammad Hassan, Hisham Sadiq and distributed by Mahmoud al-Shaari, and was filmed between Syria in the Black Desert, and the photo studio Hatem Ali.


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