Sun Downs coach: The reason behind Al-Ahly’s biggest loss is … and this player is very important to them


Rolani Mokoyna, coach of Mamelodi Sun Downs, South Africa, confirmed that the absence of Ali Maaloul, the Al-Ahly player, from the confrontation that brings the two teams together is the biggest loss for the red genie, indicating that Hussein Al-Shahat is a very important player for the red genie.

Al-Ahly will face the Mamelodi Sun Downs team at 9:30 pm tomorrow, Saturday, at Al-Ahly Stadium, to go to the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, with the confrontation to be repeated in Pretoria next week.

In statements carried by the South African newspaper, Moccuena, the South African newspaper, Mokwena listed the dangerous Al-Ahly players, as well as coach Pitso Mosimane, the coach of the Red Genie.

Al-Ahly lost a number of its main players due to injury in recent months, but its ranks have been strengthened in recent days with the return of two fitness stars, Ayman Ashraf and Junior Ajay, but Musimane will miss a vital part in the absence of Tunisian left-back Ali Maaloul.

“Ali Maaloul, I think, is their biggest loss. It is difficult to find a left back all over the continent, and maybe even in the world, with an average of 80 touches of the ball and a large number of passes in 90 minutes,” Mukwena said.

He added, “This is what Maaloul does. It gives them a lot of possibilities to defend but also build attacks by finding holes in the last third of the field. Al-Ahly mostly use defenders Mohamed Hani and Ahmed Beckham on the right, and Maaloul and Ayman Ashraf on the left.”

He continued: “It is clear that, perhaps unlike some teams in the South African League, their average number of passes in the penalty area is 14 over the course of 90 minutes in each match. They depend on their way of playing on the wings.”

He continued: “They are also very fierce on both sides, and with the main striker Mohamed Sharif, who at this moment exceeds the percentage of expected goals. He is their best scorer with 12 goals, although his expected goals are only 10.”

“So he (Sharif) is not only important in terms of developing play and finding himself in the scoring odds. Rather, they look for him and play for him, whether by passing behind the defense or if he falls in front to develop the game, they are instinctively trying to find the back or Wings. “

And Abizaid: “Hussein Al-Shahat, is very important to them on the right, and Taher Muhammad on the left .. Even Akram Tawfiq sometimes finds himself in those possibilities to create those occasional balls and play in some centers to create opportunities to score goals.”

“It will be an enjoyable match, and of course it is our responsibility not to come to Egypt just to control the stadium as always, but we have to be tactically skilled in how we do our work,” Mukwina concluded.


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