Surprise .. the smell of beans causes anemia (video)


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Dr. Hussam Mowafi, a professor of critical care medicine at Kasr Al-Aini, said that bean anemia is widespread in Egypt, indicating that all body cells, especially the red cell, need energy and have two paths, one of which is the breakdown of glucose, which is the main source of energy.

Mowafi added, during the program “My Lord, give me knowledge” on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that the energy reserve, which is estimated at 15%, needs a specific enzyme, but it is not often needed. It contains oxidation and the red cell needs 100% of energy. He pointed out that yamish and legumes such as white beans, almonds, nuts and cowpea, as well as beans, are completely prohibited for bean anemia.

Mwafi narrated an incident of a sick child who was suffering from severe hemoglobin deficiency and a bean allergy, but his condition did not improve, and by asking the mother about his consumption of beans she completely denied, and by asking the child’s uncle, he confirmed that the smell of beans leads to bean anemia, and it turned out that the mother was settling the beans only at home and he The child just inhaled it.

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