Tarek Shawky reveals to Masrawy the fact that Egypt is at the bottom of the list of countries in the index


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Tuesday 04 May 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, revealed the fact that Egypt is at the bottom of the education index, according to the Davos Forum report.

Shawky told Masrawy, that this is not true, stressing that the report of the World Economic Forum did not issue any arrangement for countries in the field of education quality, neither in 2021, 2020 nor 2019.

He pointed out that the latest report from US News ranked the Egyptian education system No. 39 out of 77 countries, stressing that there is no report from the World Economic Forum as received from research and scrutiny.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Jayoushi, Deputy Minister of Education and Technical Education for Technical Education Affairs, previously lied, that Egypt is tailed in the ranking of countries in the education index, for the following reasons:

First: The Davos Forum 2021 report has not yet been issued, and the report will be issued for the previous year.

Second; The latest report released is the 2020 report, which is a “special” report on the state of countries recovering from the Coronavirus. Certainly there is nothing in it about the quality of education or otherwise, and this is its link:Press here

Third: The last regular competitiveness report that appeared on the forum is the 2019 report, and Egypt’s general ranking in it is ranked 93 out of 141 countries and Mauritania No. 134 by the way .. As for our ranking in education-related skills, their ranking came in 99 out of 141:Press here

You can follow the interactive link for all Egypt numbers from here:Press here


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