Tariq Lotfy reveals the opinion of his children in Cairo, Kabul, and talks about a situation he will not forget for his wife


The artist, Tariq Lotfy, revealed the number of his children, namely Sharif, who is 19 years old and studying at the first university, Leila is 15 years old and is in the second secondary grade, and Yassin is in the second grade of primary school, adding that Sharif watched the Cairo Kabul series, and Laila watched the first two episodes because her language is Arabic. Not good, noting that his son Sharif is studying art and graphics, commenting, “He said, “This is the best role you’ve played in your life, and he saw me as different from my real personality.”.

Lotfy continued, during his meeting with the program “A Last Word” broadcast on the channel ONWhat the media presents to Lamis Al-Hadidi, that his wife was more nervous than him when watching the series and always reassured him, and that he was nervous and took her opinion in every scene, and he watched the work like any viewer from the audience .

The series “Cairo Kabul” is based on 3 main characters: the media figure, represented by the star Fathy Abdel Wahab, the National Security Officer, and represented by the star Khaled El Sawy, and the terrorist character represented by the star Tariq Lotfy, as well as the other roles of the stars Hanan Mutawa, Nabil El Halafawy and Sherine.

The events of the last episode of the series witnessed the outbreak of the January 25 revolution, and it monitors the series in live footage of the events, including the opening of prisons and the escape of prisoners, among whom appears Sheikh Ramzi – Tariq Lotfy, who appears in the picture a year later, speaking about politics as an Islamic leader, stressing the The right of his group to run in the elections, and that democracy is what guarantees him that, so Adel reminds him of his escape from prison.

The episode ends with a television interview presented by Tariq Kassab – Fathy Abdel Wahab, which brings together Adel and Symbolic, so that the three are at one table, each with the same thought and dream that dominated him in his childhood (money and fame, justice and law, and the dream of succession and control in the name of religion).

“Cairo Kabul” written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, directed by Hossam Ali, starring Tarek Lotfi, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Khaled El Sawy, Hanan Mutawa, Nabil Al Halafawi, Sherine, Karim Sorour, Nour Mahmoud, Rushdi Al Shami, Ahlam Al Gretli.


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